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What should you know about selling online?

In today's day and age, we’re seeing an exponential rise in the number of sales that are being made in the digital world. Long past is the day where people might venture into a brick and mortar store (especially considering the restrictions a pandemic affords us), and now more than ever people are looking for their products online.

With that in mind, although *anyone* can get started selling online, to truly give yourself the best chances at success, it’s integral to know where you can optimize your workflow, and how you can trim away unnecessary actions.

The first thing to consider when selling online, is the marketplace you want to sell in. While Ebay and Craigslist might have been the pioneers of p2p sales, Amazon has become a behemoth, now accounting for ~50% of sales made online. While each marketplace has its own benefits and drawbacks, it’s a good idea to do research on where they are.

As an example, these are things to consider:

Are there seller fees? Is there some level of insurance and safety for the products you sell? Do you have to fulfill them yourself?

Amazon, being the biggest fish in an increasingly smaller pond, offers a robust array of tools for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of online sales. Not only do you have access to the seller forums - which has a vast wealth of information to cross-reference with other sellers, but there are a wide variety of tools available to integrate with its store, whether it’s involved in inventory management, feedback control, and even shipping integration.

As a successful seller online since 2011, our team at Amplifyy has developed a proven record of using these tools efficiently and effectively to help *any* brand become established and thrive in an online space. Whether it’s working with new brands with little to no experience, or established brands trying to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace, Amplifyy is a solution for anyone looking to put their best foot forward and maximize their growth potential.

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