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To be successful in business, you need a good team!

You know what one of the main differences between people who want to start a business, and the people who actually do? It’s their team.

As an online seller since 2011, one of the most important challenges faced as a business owner, was getting people with the experience and knowledge to fill in the spaces.

While initially marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, or Shopify are designed with the goal of making the experience as accessible and easy to understand as possible, there comes a point when interacting with any of their customers, or thriving in the marketplaces, needs the touch of someone with more finesse than the average user has.

That’s where building your team comes in.

Whether it’s in writing the copy for your listings, making sure your products are fulfilled efficiently and easily, keeping in touch with your customers to deal with any issues, or dealing with the myriad of errors that inevitably come your way, it’s important to have a group of people who can split the workload, and prioritize your tasks accordingly, as they come up. No one person can do it all, and as such, to put your best foot forward, it’s important to align yourself with people who can lighten your load and make your tasks easy to take care of.

At Amplifyy, we have a dedicated team of specialists to focus on everything from software implementation, to SEO and copywriting, to customer relationship management, to managing your fulfillment channels and inventory. If you can’t get your own team ready, equip yourself with the team at and Amplifyy Your Brand!

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